Our first meeting for 2019

Halloween is still showing in Haselbury at the moment. Even though it’s November, the Haselbury In Bloom team have already had a meeting about what will be going on in the village for the 2019 competition. 

Everyone was still so pleased with how well the entire village did this year. We won a Silver Guilt award and Best New Comer. A really great achievement for our first efforts. 

Thanks were given to everyone who took part, helped out, including the school, the Bible Christian Center and the local WI, to name a few. 

Among the things discussed for next year were: 

  • Where we can make improvements for next year 
  • The route to take to show the best of the village 
  • Whether to use a tractor or bus for the route 
  • Making a intro video/photos to start next year 
  • How to get the community involved with the things planned 
  • Sponsorship of local businesses 

There was a lot more discussed, but more of that will be on the way as soon as it becomes more relevant. 

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